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Fall Play

The Redwood Drama department has finally announced the fall semester play. This year the group is putting on the show “Nevermore”, which is a play about Edgar Allen Poe and includes scenes from his most famous works. The description of the last five days he lived and his mysterious death will be rolled out for the viewing eyes of Redwood students. Six main roles, hundreds of kids to fill them. Who will step into these shoes?

Realizing that throughout our campus there are hidden talents, our theatrical leaders set out to capture and take in every single drop of inspiration they can absorb.

Many Redwood students will be trying out for these roles.

Julia Galvan, ’18, said, ” I don’t really put myself into any role, I just do my best and hope I get a callback. I love doing theater just for the joy of portraying different emotions and characters to the audience,” Julia also says,” I’m all for the experience. I’ve been doing theater for the majority of my life…”

Coming from a familiar face is Kenneth O, ’18. He says, “I’d do the fall plays but I’m too busy, I really like acting…” Kenneth adds, “I don’t do it out of the idea of being the lead, but it’s nice to be.”

Gilberto Rivas,’17 says, ” It’s a good play, everyone should go watch it.” Gilberto also says, ” We don’t have any warm ups before rehearsal, we just get into it.” Coming from someone who’s been in drama 3 years, this is a breath of fresh news to anyone trying out for the play or the Seussical come this spring.

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