Juniors Take on The PSAT

On October 12th, many juniors took the PSAT. The PSAT is only a practice test for the SAT but it helps students understand what to expect for when they take the actual SAT.

Will Ide, ‘19, said, “I think I did okay on the PSAT. I reviewed a little the night before the test but my advice would be to study basic math because you forget it and it’s on the test.” Will is trying to earn the National Merit Scholarship this year.

It’s really easy to forget the type of math that’s on both the PSAT and SAT because it was learned a while ago. Students that take the SAT should really study that portion.

Colton Hansen, ‘19, said, “I think I did above average so fairly well. I had trouble on the math portion because I did not study at all for the PSAT. If I could redo the PSAT I would study a little more.”   

Katie Allen, ‘19, took the PSAT for the first time and said, “For my first time I think I did alright. One of the biggest challenges was the first math section, In which I knew absolutely nothing. I didn’t study for the test because I was informed that we shouldn’t because it was to see what we need to study for the SAT. My advice would be get a lot of sleep before and mentally prepare for it.”

So basically the PSAT isn’t bad as long as you’re prepared for the test and give it your all.

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