History of Halloween

October is a fun and spooky time of the year. During this time, people are hanging up scary decorations on their houses, while preparing their costumes for Halloween. However, Halloween wasn’t always a celebrated day across America.

Halloween was originally named Samhain, and it began in Europe and Britain. Samhain wasn’t about passing candy out and having an excuse to wear a sexy costume, but rather it was a celebration marking the beginning of winter in November.

Not only that, but it was a time of superstition and the celebration of life and death. The concept of wearing a costume is to ward off roaming ghost and confuse them. The types of costumes they would wear were animal hides and fur.

Samhain was brought to America by Irish and Scottish immigrants and was later changed to Halloween in the 1900’s for obvious commercial reasons. American business sold decorated postcards and pumpkins became an essential decoration during October. Playing tricks and scary folklore became increasingly popular but the original roots of the holiday began to fade away.

From warding off evil spirits with traditional costumes to turning it into the funniest, sexiest, or scariest costume at the neighborhood Halloween party. Whatever it may be, some people celebrate Halloween, and some simply don’t. October is still a fun and a spooky time of the year.

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