Winter Sports Pre-Season Conditioning

As Fall is around the corner, Winter sports have started their pre-season conditioning. Basketball, soccer, and wrestling will start having practice, games, and scrimmages to help them get ready for the season.

Girls and boys basketball has started their conditioning; which means that after school coaches are preparing the freshman, JV, and Varsity players for their tryouts. The girls team has also been playing pickup games at COS.

Hannah Kearnan, ‘21, who has been attending the pickup games and the conditioning practice, talks about how she feels about the basketball pre-season. “Without conditioning we wouldn’t be ready for games. If we condition, then we can be fit enough to beat other teams.” She also explained how conditioning and pickup games have brought the team closer together so they can play as a better team.

Sydney Somavia, ‘21, attended the soccer meeting on October 4th, and told her opinion on what she thinks will come with conditioning. “If you don’t have proper stamina, or you don’t have the endurance to play the whole game, then you shouldn’t play the whole game. And you can’t find this out without conditioning.” She went on to say what she thinks will happen with the team in the future. “We should be moving on pretty far, with all the skill that’s going to be coming and that’s already been here.”

The newly formed Girl’s Wrestling Team just started their conditioning has been picking up the pace to get the girls ready for their matches. The boys team is also moving along and the players are getting ready for a great season.

All in all, conditioning seems to be really helping athletes to connect with their team and to be ready for the games. Get ready for an amazing season from all the winter sports teams!

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