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The First Band Review of the Year!

October 14th, the first Band Review of the school year occurred. It started at 8:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon. With Harvest being on the same day, 4:30 was cutting into some of their time to get ready. Otherwise, these students had a lot of fun playing their instruments all day and were rewarded with praise.

Alyssa Abasto ‘21, said, “It was fun but my back hurts. I was mostly worried about staying in step and in line. I was surprised by how well we actually did compared to when we practice. It was much harder than the band reviews in middle school but also much more fun.”

John Washam ‘19, said, “It was really fun, we got to meet new people, and we placed well in the competition. We placed 2nd in Parade and 3rd in Field Show. We did really good, especially for Mr.B’s last band review. On our free time, I hung out with friends and got a rootbeer float from A&W. This band review has been the best one yet compared to my past years, we out scored all the other schools.”

This is Mr.Bettencourt’s last band review and our students have worked hard to make it the best. Band students stay after school every Tuesday to practice, from around 6:00-9:00pm.

Sofia Mora ‘21, said, “The band review was awesome, nerve wracking but fun. I’m glad we got 2nd place. It was a long day but my friends and I got A&W and played football when we had 2 ½ hours to do what whatever we want.”

Jason Hruby ‘19, said, “I think the band review went really well. Overall we placed really well in our division. I’m a junior right now and this is my 3rd band review. Just being able to place so high in our division was amazing and I hope we’re able to do it again next year. We got to play football, hang with friends, eat food, play some music, and even sleep when we had time off.”

Congratulations to the band students and Mr. Bettencourt for getting on of the highest places in the review. It takes a lot of work to be able to remember your lines and places and all the while playing at the same time. Keep up the great work Rangers!

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