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Top 10 Scary Movies

Everyone loves to bundle up in blankets and watch scary movies in October, so below are the top 10 scary movies are recommended to watch this month (in no specific order):

The Shining (1980) (R)

Babadook (2014) (R)

The Blair Witch Project (1999) (R)

IT original & new (1990/2017) (R)

Sinister (2012) (R)

It Follows (2015) (R)

Lights Out (2016) (PG-13)

The Conjuring 1 & 2 (2013/2016) (R)

Get Out (2017) (R)

Halloween (1978)

This list was made up and researched by myself. So, I might have a different taste in scary movies than you do. However, these are all great movies, scary or not. They have a good story line that flows throughout the movie. They all kept me on the edge of my seat, so I wouldn’t underestimate any of the movies above if I were you.

Sinister, according to Davis Beavers, ‘18, can get intense. He said, “ [It’s] Suspenseful and confusing until the end when it all comes together.” He said he likes those elements in a movie because it keeps the person watching the movie thinking. Beavers said, “It’s scary because it seems so real like it could actually happen.”

Kylee Dismuke, ‘19, said her favorite scary movie is the Conjuring 2 because, “It was really scary and fun to follow the storyline.”

An old yet very original movie, Halloween, is definitely a must see for this fall. Smiley Ramirez, ‘18, considers this his all time fave because, “It’s just good overall, I mean who doesn’t love Michael Myers?”

Although it’s not on the list, David Hipskind, ‘21, said his favorite scary movie at the moment is a recently released movie called Rings. His basic synopsis of the movie is “The main character watches a video, then they get a phone call saying they only have only 7 days left to live. So the movie is about how they try to avoid the death awaiting them.” Rings sounds interesting enough to watch this fall so make sure to look into it!

Savannah Surfus, ‘19, said her favorite scary movie ever is Hellraiser which is about, “A guy that’s condemned to hell and comes back when someone opens the box to tourture the characters to death.” Pretty weird, right? Surfus said this movie is scary because it gives creepy vibes and the characters are all played out well.

So grab some popcorn, blankets, and friend to binge watch all these movies in the upcoming month!

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