Is Cable Even Worth It?

Cable and satellite TV are both good options. There is also a happy medium in things like Netflix, and Hulu Plus. But which is the best deal? Is even cable worth it?

Local cable with 140+ channels costs $64.99 a month. Direct TV comes at a rate of $64.96 a month. Dish also costs $64.99 a month. Netflix is only $7.99 a month, and Hulu Plus is $8.25. Because all the prices are nearly identical, what makes them different? For Dish, the $64.99 plan is only for 120 channels while the other two have over 140 channels for the same price.

Netflix is a great option but it only provides old TV shows, this offers more of a nostalgic TV experience. Hulu is very similar but it shows more current TV shows instead of older ones.

Lots of channels that are with cable and satellite TV are unnecessary, but they also offer the sports and entertainment that Netflix and Hulu do not offer. Netflix is pure entertainment and comes with the “Netflix Original” shows which are exclusive to their service.

So really, it all comes down to preference.  Whatever fits your wants can be found. Every service has benefits that others do not.

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