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The Blair’s New Baby

The Blair’s new baby, Tucker.

Two math teachers at Redwood High School, Mrs. Blair and Mr. Blair, had their third baby, Tucker Jay Blair, whom recently turned one month old. Mrs. Blair has been absent since the start of the school year and will continue to be until the end of October. After two other kids the Blair’s decided on making this their last child, as Mr. Blair said, “…considering this might be our last one, hopefully.”

This time around, the Blairs’ decided not to do a gender reveal. While they weren’t revealing the gender they were hoping for a boy to please their other children. The new addition to the Blair family brought joy and excitement for the new experiences.

The Blair’s baby has not only affected their lives, but the lives of fellow Rangers too. Since Mrs. Blair has been out, Mrs. Weiss, a former Redwood teacher, has been acting as her substitute, teaching Mrs. Blair’s math classes for her.

Gabrielle Bridges, ’20, said, “The absence of Mrs. Blair has been an interesting experience for all of her students, including me but Mrs. Weiss has been doing great job as a sub and teaching math. I am looking forward to Mrs. Blair coming back in late October because I had her as a teacher last year and she was really great and made math lots of fun.”

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