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How Rangers Handle School and Jobs

When the time comes, most Rangers want to find a job right? Having a job represents independence and freedom, but everyone knows  really want the money as well.

Elsi Chavez, ‘19, works at McDonald’s and she said, “It’s nice. I understand how everything works and I get good hours so I get paid very well. I had applied online to every McDonald’s in Visalia. I had to interview but they didn’t give me the job until I was 16. I’ve been working there for 3 ½ weeks now and I have a T.A class 6th period so I get all my school work done then. Work has really benefited me because I have my own money and I can buy what I want. I have great coworkers and I get paid at the same time so it’s fun.”

Working helps students not only earn money for college or just to spend, but also helps them get ready for future jobs by teaching them responsibility and how to balance life and work.

Jared Hightower, ‘19, said, “I work at the Tulare County Library. I think it’s fun, it’s definitely work so I can’t slack off. And it’s a great way to make good money but you do have to manage school and work, which is hard for me because I have clubs after school, but I’ll get used to it. I’ve been working there for 3 weeks now since I just turned 16. Having a job now enforces future job options because of the experience and I make easy money.”

Having to manage school and work can be a challenge, but anyone with a good work ethic and determination can balance the two.

Aaron Yang, ‘19, works at his family’s Chinese restaurant in Porterville. Yang said, “For one it’s a restaurant, so it’s pretty boring on regular days but it’s still good pay. My parents forced me to work because it’s incentive. I’ve been working there since 8th grade. It’s not hard for me to juggle work and school because my parents make me go on Saturdays only. It gives me experience with people and how to deal with people and manage money.”

Having a job is a lot of responsibility to handle, especially while still in high school. With school work, college, and a social life to worry about, it’s a lot to think about while still being a teenager. Nonetheless, it’s a great way to broaden life’s opportunities and begin an independent life.

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