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What Are Clubs Up To?

During the last week of September, Redwood High School had its Homecoming week. All the Redwood clubs got together on Friday and made floats for their clubs. They presented their floats, which took a lot of work, on Friday after school in the parade. Now the question is, what will these clubs do now that Homecoming is over?

Rally Club is a club at Redwood that makes the signs for sporting events or rallies. The club president is Chris Hernandez, ‘19. Hernandez said, “Rally club is going to work on Cowhide, the blackout game, and [other] sporting events.” Hernandez also said, “Rally club hopes to make the school have more pride and make it look good.”

Link Crew is another club at Redwood. One of the club members, Sabrina Gutierrez, ‘19, said, “Link Crew is working on making the haunted house on the 25th of October. I hope everyone in our club will participate and do their part so we can get the best result possible.”

ASB plays a big role in the life of Redwood High School. They put on Redwood’s assemblies, lunch activities, and more. Without ASB there would be no pride at Redwood.

The president of this group, Kenneth O’Leary, ‘18, said, “We are planning the CBS Morning Match-up in the gym on the 20th [of October] at 5:30. The club is hoping to to have 5 to 10 hours of community service that everyone can do as a class.”

Overall, Redwood is getting ready for the next big thing to come whether it’s Cowhide or a haunted house. Redwood High school is still up and running and Homecoming didn’t drain our spirit.

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