Is The Hero Point System Effective?

As we get into the first half of the semester, a new system of hero points has been integrated into Redwood’s system. These points are awarded to students who work hard and show good ethics in class. With these points, they can use them to get rewards, such as food from Jack in the Box, yearbooks, and ASB stickers. This was also meant to enforce stricter rules. For example, students may not go out of campus for lunch if they have more than four tardies in a grading period. So what do students think of this system?

Daniel Sabogal, ’20, has already more than a 100 points this semester. He said, “I’m sure as the program goes on it will enforce its working parts and take out the parts that are useless.”

Ali Mashael, ’20, thinks that the system is effective because he gets points frequently, whereas Diego Torres, ’20, said, “It’s effective because it allows students to get more points and turn them in for prizes.

There has been some beliefs that hero points have disadvantages. Mashael said, “Some teachers don’t use this system properly. They need to tell students when they actually hand it out.” Also, Torres said, “What could make this system better is to give some sort of big reward to the person who has the most points towards the end of the semester.”

Tyler De Asis, ’19, said, “It’s not effective. This is not going to change students who are lazy”.

Overall, many students have been saying that this hero system has not caused them to work harder in school, but believes that it is definitely effective. The hero system is still a new system, so as the year passes by, it may improve.

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