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How Did Seussical Auditions Go?

On October 2nd and 3rd of last week, auditions for ‘Seussical the Musical’ began after school. Many students have been practicing their lines and voices in preparation.

According to many students who attended these auditions, they were judged on their dancing, singing, and acting skills. 

Chloe Lambert, ‘19, said, “They were pretty fun. We started with singing, then acting, then the dancing. I auditioned to just be a dancer. It was very similar to how they ran the auditions at Green Acres. There were a couple dancers I knew in there but there are so many people who can really sing.”

With this being the first musical for drama this school year, students knew the stakes were up there.

Peter Nunez, ‘19, said, “We had to audition for singing, acting, and dancing. In that order. I struggled with all of it, but I thought the dancing was fun. It was very fast though. The auditions lasted around three hours. And I wasn’t intimidated by anybody, everyone was very nice.” 

The auditions came and went rather quickly. Performing in front of a crowd let alone a whole room of peers is a challenge for anyone to overcome.

Marcus Hernandez, ‘21, said, “It went pretty well, it was fun. We had to sing, then act some dialogue, and then went into the dancing portion. My friends and I all auditioned at the same time. The dancing portion was hard because it was so fast paced. I was really nervous because it’s a new school and I’m a freshman auditioning in front of sophomores and juniors. But I think I did really well with the singing and acting; I was kind of sloppy with the dancing.”

The nerves are there and students auditioning are very vulnerable in that position. Otherwise, students are applauded by their fellow classmates on having the guts to audition at all and do extremely well in the process.

Congratulations to all the students who’ve received a call back and we hope more rangers are willing to audition in the future!

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