Blue Crew in Full Force

As most people know, Redwood High School has the best student section, with the most spirited kids in valley. Rangers call it Blue Crew, which seems to improve every year in so many different ways. Right now, with football season currently happening, Blue Crew is in full force with school spirit.

Along with our four designated flag runners, the student body president leads the student section to being the best they can be. With chants, the passing out of balloons, and great music, the student section never has a dull moment.

Edgar Jaurrieta, ‘21, was picked to be a flag runner at the Homecoming Game. Jaurrieta said, “It was super fun hyping up the crowd and seeing how much people love Redwood.” Even so, Jaurrieta is always looking to improve the student section. Jaurrieta said, “[There needs to be] more flow towards the back, the three front rows are amazing but as you move back, students get nervous and it gets quiet.”

Marisa Perez, ‘20, was also selected to be a flag runner at the Homecoming Game. Perez said, “It was a whole new experience [than being in the stands]. You look at the student section and think, ‘Wow this really is my school’. It felt really good to be able to hype up the crowd, with all the music, and cheering fans. You get lost in the moment and it becomes a long lasting memory throughout high school.”

Perez said, “Our student section is really one of a kind. The energy that you feel is amazing. You pull out the good vibes from everyone, and there is no other school that has more spirit than Redwood!”

Ally Zermeno, ‘18, has been a flag runner for the past two years. Zermeno said, “I always thought it was the coolest thing and I love my school. I noticed there were a lot of guys that did it, and I felt like I could do everything they did so I wanted to prove myself and show feminine power.”

Blue Crew takes a break from football games this week, but it will be back in full force October 20th at the Blackout Game in the Mineral King Bowl.

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