Should We Bring Back The Dance?

Golden West High School is bringing back their Homecoming dance, and this is raising questions at Redwood, with students wondering if we are going to get the dance as well.

With Homecoming and Harvest being so close together, a controversy is taking place at Redwood. Are the two dances too close together? Is the cost too much?

The Homecoming dance was left behind long before any students currently at Redwood could attend. But, Ms. Aguilar, Redwood’s ASB director and World History teacher, went to Redwood when the Homecoming dance was still happening.

Aguilar tells us how she feels about Harvest and Homecoming. She said, “I don’t think the cost would be as much as an issue, I think it’s more getting people to attend. I think that if they want to go, they are going to do whatever it takes to go.”

She also tells us how people short on cash may not be able to attend one of the dances.

With students questioning if we should get the dance, I talked to Anthony Casillas ‘18, who told us his opinion. He said that he thinks bringing the dance back would be great and how Harvest and Homecoming are 2 separate dances, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Personally, I think that having both dances would not change anybody’s opinion on either. The dances just give the students at Redwood more time with their friends and to have fun.

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