Senior Attendance: Good or Bad?

As a senior, you can only miss 6.1% of all 180 days of school, or 11 days. If seniors do not meet this requirement, they can’t walk across the stage on graduation day in the Mineral King Bowl. That is a whole lot of pressure especially because these students have spent almost 12 years in school. Is this too harsh? Should the schools in VUSD give senior students more leniency? Maybe so.

Obviously it is difficult to have a limit on days that you can miss.

Shyheim Pool, ‘18, said, “It’s harsh but it’s not really pressuring, most of us just don’t care and get it done.” Pool said it is better to just deal with it. He said, “It is good to develop a habit of going [to school] so the next years won’t be a problem.” Pool says habits are the best way to have success in school.

Baylie Teela, ‘18, said, “I feel like it is actually good for seniors. I mean it sucks, but without it most of us would have no reason to come to school.”

Armaan Ghotra, 18, said, “Seniors hate it… but we get [how] they want to keep seniors on campus.”

Many students graduating do not have motivation but this does give them a reason to be here at school. Although after so many years of working hard, don’t they deserve some type of reward? I think so. If a student with straight A’s can’t walk because they missed 12 days of school? That seems cruel. Yes, they do still graduate and get their diploma, but walking is a once in a lifetime experience.

The senior attendance policy has its pros and cons. It keeps students here, but at the same time it is harsh. Hopefully Redwood seniors can make it through the year and walk across the stage for graduation.

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