Rangers Got Spirit

At Redwood High School, we have the best school spirit than any other school in Visalia. A lot of kids get into the spirit and dress up everyday and go all out. Usually the seniors go all out because it’s their last year. This year’s homecoming theme is Wizard Of Oz.

The best part of it is taking pictures with your friends and having those memories. It makes the week much more fun and students have a great time. It’s fun seeing everyone interact with upper and lower grades.

School spirit is fun way to participate and dress up how you want to. The dress up day on Monday was, Somewhere over the Rainbow, which is where every grade levels wears different colors. The seniors were covered head to toe in all green and the freshman were covered in pink.

It’s funny to see how people come up with their ideas. Like on Tuesday, it was Fashion Disaster where people can wear different color shoes or like the girls had one side of their hair curled and the other side straight. It’s whatever they want to do. That is an easy dress up day, and when you walk around you will see everyone just laughing and taking pictures.

Wednesday was twin day, where you and one of your friends can match. You can pick anything you want and twin with each other. I love this day because people come up with the funniest outfits. There was one couple that wore a banana suit.

Thursday is country day. Usually a lot of people get into it because you can wear flannels, jeans and boots and just be casual.

Friday is always spirit day and I love it because so many people go out for that. That is a really easy day and people dress up with blue suits or paint themselves and put dots all over there face. Even the teachers go all out and have a good time with it. It just fun to see people interact with one another. Dressing up is a great way to get involved and have some fun!.

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