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What is Rally Club Up To?

Rally Club setting up The Bowl for a game.

On September 25th to September 30th, Redwood High School Rangers had Homecoming week. This year’s Homecoming theme was Wizard of Oz. Rally Club prepared for this week by making fantastic posters.

The President of Rally Club, Chris Hernandez, ‘19, said “[Rally Club made] posters for the top five nominees.” Hernandez also said that Rally Club is going to have a great school year.

The Vice President of Rally Club, Alexus Millikan, ‘19, said she “plans to have people see what Rally Club creates so that they will want to get involved. Instead of having a Homecoming float, we [designed] the bowl for the Homecoming game.” Millikan said that Rally Club is a great way to get involved and make new friends.

A student in Rally Club, Sameh Esmaeili, ‘21, said, “It’s really fun to be in Rally Club, you meet new people and make new friends. We [made] posters at Rally Club and hope that the bowl [was] decorated to look great.” Esmaeili said that she wants to be in Rally Club for all four years and have more people join.

Rally Club is the main source of spirit here at Redwood with a lot of dedicated students involved.

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