Redwood’s 2017 Top Five!

The 2017 Homecoming nominees were announced at the rally on Monday September 25th. Valisity Vargas, Sophie Terry, Colette Gendron, Sara Rutledge, and Sierra Dean were all announced as Top Five.

Colette Gendron, ‘18, was nominated by the Class of 2018. Gendron said, “I think being in the Top Five is definitely a huge honor.” Gendron loves her senior class, and is very grateful for the nomination. Gendron had fun dressing up for Homecoming week!

Sierra Dean, ‘18, said being in the Top Five is a huge privilege. Dean loves all the girls in the Top Five. Dean was nominated by Cheer, and she loves her team because they’re so supportive. Dean said, “[The dress up days] are all super fun and each one you can do so much with them.”  

Sara Rutledge, ‘18, was excited and shocked to be in Top Five. She was nominated by Dance Force, and Rutledge said the best thing about Dance Force is that all of the girls get to bond together. Rutledge said, “I campaigned by telling all of my friends to vote for me for Homecoming.”

Valisity Vargas, ‘18, said she felt really honored, but she is still shocked about the whole situation. Vargas was nominated by ASB. Vargas said, “ASB kids spend countless hours selflessly creating things like the rally, which is really admirable.” Vargas introduced herself to the underclassmen as a campaign strategy. Vargas said, “I think talking to the underclassmen is more effective because a lot of them don’t know who the nominees are.”   

Sophie Terry, ‘18, said being in the Top Five is very exciting, and she loved dressing up throughout the week. Terry said she was not at all expecting to be a nominee. Terry was nominated by Water Polo, and she said she loves them because they are a big family. Terry made a lot of shirts to hand out to help her spread the word of her nomination.

The Homecoming Queen winner was announced during the Homecoming game on Friday. and Valisity Vargas won Homecoming Queen.

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