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New Clubs on Campus

Clubs are some of the best ways to get students involved at school. This is mainly because students have interests outside of the classes they take everyday. Clubs help people socialize and figure out what they like to do in their free time or what they want to do in the future. There are many types of clubs on Redwood’s campus and more get added every year. This year Redwood students have created lots of new clubs for everyone to join in order to get Rangers involved and connected to school.

Savannah Crippen, ’18, the Inter-Club Commissioner and president of the MedSmart club said, “We have a really diverse range of clubs that have started up this year.” New club presidents have been trying to put their best foot forward this year to better, not only the Redwood community, but the Visalia community, as well.

Katie Salazar, ’18, started up the Oceanography club this year. This club is meant to provide information about the world;s oceans and also plans to take trips down to the coast in order to clean them up. When asked why she started the club she said, “We went and we saw a lot of trash on the beach and we were saddened by it.” Students can expect fundraisers that will go towards conserving the ocean and community service.

Make sure to join a club. Redwood has upwards of 50 clubs that cater to just about any interest that a student could have.  


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