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Did Someone Say Tacos?

Taco trucks and taco shops can be found all over Visalia and at various events. Taco trucks specifically can be found at special Redwood events, like sport games and social events. To some people, all tacos are the same and one taco brand is not above another. To others, there is a taco hierarchy of taste and quality.   

Alexandria Zermeno, ‘18, has tried many tacos from trucks sponsored by Redwood during her soccer games, track meets, and other events. She said, “I think Tacos Galacticos is the best because they support our school and are Redwood’s go-to tacos. They are always really nice and the tacos they make are really delicious.”

Chris Yang, ‘18, also supports Tacos Galacticos. “Their tacos to me are the best because they focus on quality over quantity and their customer service is amazing,” he said.

However, Helen Webb, ‘19, an adamant taco lover said “not gonna lie tacos are love, tacos are life. The restaurant in Circle 7 has the best tacos. The tortillas are homemade and yummy.” Webb also said that, at first, Super Taco was her favorite place to get tacos until she found Circle 7 tacos.

Some people also prefer completely homemade tacos.

Brianna Ramos, ‘18, said, “My dad’s tacos are by far the best, Taco Bell is pretty good too but if you really want authentic quality tacos, go to a taco truck.”

Mrs. Moore, an English teacher, said, “My favorite would probably be Vallarta, I love those tacos a lot. They are really authentic and their salsa is delicious and spicy but not overwhelming. I really like Super Taco, too.”

Of the many places to get tacos from in Visalia, most students prefer taco trucks over restaurant tacos, especially when they are sold at Redwood events.

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