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Student Section Etiquette

It’s football season. Time for bright lights, school spirit, and fun in the student section. The student section gets pretty wild and even though it’s super fun to get crazy, there are some guidelines to how students should conduct themselves at football games.

Redwood’s student section at the Homecoming football game.

There are usually lots of yummy food, drinks, balloons, and noise makers to support the teams at any football game in order to make the experience more fun. However, they usually end up on the floor.

Jada Griffith, ‘20, the Sophomore Vice President, said, “Cleaning up after football games can occasionally be a lot of work. There normally are lots of water bottles, confetti, and balloons everywhere.”

Always make sure to clean up after a game in order to make someone’s job less hard and also to keep Redwood, and anywhere else, clean.

Gabrielle Bridges, ‘20, said, “The student section is crazy! I’m always getting pushed and shoved. Everyone wants to be in front and people are careless with their jumping and dancing. I think the student section could be better if everyone just understood that the higher your grade level, the closer to the front you can sit.”

The student section should be a fun place for everyone. No one wants to get uncomfortably smashed together. Be sure to mind people’s space and respect it. Rangers can work to make it better by cleaning up their trash, respecting the space of others, and always being aware of their surroundings.

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