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RHS Annual Homecoming Luncheon

On September 21st, 2017, Redwood High School had its annual Homecoming Luncheon. This luncheon was for all of the homecoming nominees and

Brianna Luna and her escort Joseph Kim at the Homecoming Luncheon. Luna was the CSF Nominee.

their escorts in order to celebrate their nominations. It was put on by ASB and run by Mahak Rajwani, ‘19.

Rajwani described setting up the luncheon as fun “…because it’s exciting to think about how happy all the nominees are going to be when they are are celebrating themselves and their hard work for their club.”

Rajwani  was helped by ASB director, Ms. Aguilar, who said, “The weather was odd that day, since it rained off and on in the morning. ASB kids were a little nervous [since] the rain wouldn’t stop, and we would have to move the luncheon to the gym. Luckily, the rain stopped and we were able to follow through with the Quad. The Luncheon was a very easy setup this year. It was ‘all hands on deck’ so every ASB [student] was contributing in some way.”

The water polo nominee, Sophie Terry, ‘18, who was escorted by Donte Valdez,‘18, said, “The luncheon was so fun and the food was so yummy.” Terry and her fellow nominees agree that being nominated was an amazing family and they felt very loved.

When asked if she was excited for the homecoming football game, Terry said, “[I’m] so excited. I can’t wait for Friday to come watch our boys win and to see who the queen is, I love all those girls. Anyone could get it and I would be so happy.”

The whole goal of the luncheon was to shed light on the amazing nominees, making them feel appreciated by their clubs and the school.

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