Meet the New ASB Advisor!

Ms. Aguilar is the brand new ASB advisor, and she is beginning her first year as teacher. This is her first year teaching, and she also chose to be the advisor for one of the biggest organizations on campus. At night, she also takes classes to earn her credential at TCOE.

Ms. Aguilar was the ASB president at Redwood back in the 2011-2012 school year. By having experience in ASB, she is able to share all her old ideas that she experienced when she was an ASB student.

Ms. Aguilar said she chose to be a teacher because she enjoyed her experience at Redwood with her own teachers, so she wanted to give her students the same experience. Ms. Aguilar said, “I love history and I think it’s valuable but does not receive enough credit.” Ms. Aguilar also looks forward to connecting and collaborating with her fellow teachers.

Aguilar said, “I hope students can gain skills they will utilize through high school and college and analyze situations by thinking on a deeper level.”

Kenneth O’Leary, ‘18, is the ASB President, and he works very closely with the activities director. O’Leary said, “We’ve gotten really close. We text a lot and have a healthy teacher-student relationship. We both have a strong desire to do great things for Redwood.” O’Leary also said he’s excited to see what ideas she is able to share this year since she’s still young.

Mahak Rajwani, ‘19, said, “Last year the class structure itself was a little more lenient and we got to decide more things as a class. This year [with Aguilar], there’s a specific structure and a plan for everything.” Rajwani said that Mr. Miller helped her grow as a leader, and she looks forward to Ms. Aguilar helping her in the same way.

Connor Gilcrest, ‘20, has Ms. Aguilar as both a teacher and an advisor. Gilcrest said she is a great teacher in general. Gilcrest said, “Ms. Aguilar is pretty chill. She’s one of those teachers who’s like ‘If you get your work done, it will all be gucci.’”

Ms. Aguilar is adapting well to her new and busy life, and Redwood is glad to have her!


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