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Marching To The New Beat of a Drum

Kristina Campbell, ‘18, is a four year RHS band member and the 2017-2018 drum major. Campbell has been playing the flute since fifth grade. Her background in music and knowledge of instruments is what pushed her towards this position. It also allows her to correctly instruct the other band members.

Throughout her entire band career, Campbell has learned from various instructors. She spent her junior year in band as the co-drum major, being mentored by the previous drum major. She says, “Above all, I’ve learned patience and I’ve learned how to teach music better.”

To secure an outstanding and entertaining performance for both competitions and games, Campbell said “We’re practicing as much as we can. We go out almost everyday to the turf along with tuesday after school practice and sometimes on Saturdays. Sections also hold sectional practices throughout the week to work on their specific music.”

Despite the constant practices, Campbell says “I’m most nervous for Cowhide,” but says that she will not let those nerves get the best of her and her band mate. She adds, “So far, we’re already sounding really good. We need to work on our marching, but our sound is undoubtedly there so I think we’re going to do very well this year.”

Brianna Ramos, ‘18, is a four year band and winter drum line member as well. She  has worked closely with Campbell for these past years and said, “Kristina communicates well with the line and everyone in general about how she wants things done.”

Ramos also said “I expect this season to go well with her in charge.”

Destiny Garza, ‘18, a four year clarinet player has played in band with Campbell since middle school. She says, “Compared to previous years, I think Kristina is doing very well. The whole band expects big things this season and I’m sure we can obtain our goals with her as drum major.”

Campbell and the rest of the band are excited for what lays in store this season. Under the guidance of Campbell the band will continue to prepare for their season of competitions and performances.


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