A Rally in Oz

On September 25, Rangers gathered in the gym, for the annual Homecoming Rally. Performances, games, student body hype, and big expectations created an exciting and energetic atmosphere for the Ranger students.

Colin Watamura, ‘18, experienced his first Homecoming Rally as the Rally Commissioner. Watamura said, “I was feeling both nervous and excited. I was nervous because there was a lot of things that could go wrong.” Watamura incorporated a skit based on the classic book and movie “The Wizard of Oz”. Watamura said, “Working on the script was probably the most difficult part to produce, because it needed to flow.” Watamura said, “We did a balloon drop at the end, and I think that was pretty successful. I didn’t think it would work, but it went really well.”

Alex Salazar, ‘20, was an audience member at the rally. Salazar said, “Watching who was revealed as the Top 5 Homecoming Queen nominees was my favorite part because the reveal was super exciting.” Salazar said that the rally was really fun to watch.

Savannah Travis, ‘20, was an MC at the Homecoming Rally, for her very first time. tTravis played the main role as Dorothy in the “The “The Wizard of Oz” skit. Travis said, “I was actually not very nervous because I’ve gotten used to being around a lot of people.” Travis said, “The rally was definitely a good one. We had a lot of hype and good ideas put into it. There’s always room for improvement but that comes with everything you do.”

Ms. Aguilar experienced the Homecoming Rally from the perspective of the activities director, for the first time. Ms. Aguilar stated, “I think I was excited most for how the rally would work with 4 MC’s because usually there’s not that many, and so just seeing the characters come to life from the video to the assembly was something that I really looked forward to.” Ms. Aguilar said, “Some challenges were making sure that everyone was in the right place at the right time, and that everyone knew their cues of when to do stuff.”

Redwood High School’s Homecoming Rally went extremely well, and was successful in getting the Redwood Rangers hyped for the upcoming Homecoming Week and Homecoming football game.

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