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A Day in the Life of the Top Five Homecoming Nominees

On Friday September 29th, Redwood’s Top 5 Homecoming Nominees: Valisity Vargas, Sophie Terry, Sierra Dean, Sara Rutledge, and Colette Gendron each prepared themselves for the eventful day they had ahead of them just to see who would be crowned later on in the evening as Redwood’s 2017 Homecoming Queen.

The day officially started off with each of the girls getting their hair and makeup done individually in the morning, all while not forgetting their tiara. At 10:00 a.m. the girls and their escorts were then set to meet at Mill Creek Park where they would be taking individual and group pictures to r

Redwood’s Top 5 Homecoming Nominees in Mayor’s Park on Friday. From left to right is Sara Rutledge, Sophie Terry, Colette Gendron, Valisity Vargas, and Sierra Dean.

emember this special day.

At around 11:00 a.m. the girls and their escorts returned back to school where they stopped by at the Vista field to say hello to all the students building the homecoming floats and take pictures with them.

The nominees were then given a break to do whatever they’d like from 12-2:30 p.m. Some used this time to touch up their makeup and/or hair, take a nap after such a long morning, or tell students to vote.

Later on at around 2:30 p.m., the nominees were set to be sitting in a convertible along with their escorts under the bridge. They would be participating in the Homecoming Parade, waving to everyone watching them.

 At around 3:00, they finally started riding down Main Street along with the club floats in the parade where they waved to people cheering them on from the sidewalk.

After the parade, they were given another free time break from 3:45-4:50 p.m. to do whatever they’d like before the evening festivities.

Later on, the nominees then met at Tommy’s downtown to eat dinner at 5:00 p.m. along with their escorts before heading over to the bowl together. The homecoming nominees eating dinner at Tommy’s has been a tradition at Redwood for a while now.

At around 6:45, the nominees finally arrived at the bowl where they each took a seat as they waited for the crowning ceremony.

Finally halftime came and the nominees were then each introduced by ASB and escorted by their parents to stand at their platform box. They were then met by their own individual escorts who each carried a black box containing a balloon inside. Inside four of them would be a gray balloon and only one of the boxes would contain the winning red balloon.

Once they were all set the crowd then started counting down. The nominees smiled and once the crowd hit 1 they each quickly pulled the lid off their box.

ASB Nominee, Valisity Vargas, ‘18, was the lucky gal to have found the red balloon in her box. The crowd cheered along with the reveal.

She was then crowned and congratulated by Redwood’s 2016 Homecoming Queen Mida Portillo. Once the ceremony was over, the game then resumed and the nominees enjoyed the rest of it.

Congratulations to Redwood Gigantea’s very own Valisity Vargas, Redwood’s 2017 Homecoming Queen!

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