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Whose Float Won?

Redwood Rangers worked from Friday morning to afternoon, trying to perfect their homecoming floats. The competition between the floats was intense, but the teamwork that was involved was what made it so fun. The Sophomore Class Float ended up winning, but everyone still enjoyed the event.

The winning Sophomore Class float.

Grace Reitsma, ‘20, worked really hard on the Sophomore Class Float, which ended up winning for the second year in a row. Reitsma said,“While creating our float I think we mostly struggled in the beginning with creating our vision. After we got the ball rolling we got really creative with it and let that creativity lead us.”

The class or 2020 plans on winning again next year, as well.

Reitsma also said, “Next year I think the struggle will be to continue to win consecutively like we have the past two years. Who knows what we might do but I think we will be just creative as we have been in the past two years.”

Gabby Bridges, ‘20, worked on the Paws for a Cause float, on the day of homecoming.

Bridges said, “We needed to work on having a set plan, because I felt like we just went in there not really knowing what we were going to do.”

It’s always important to have a plan, especially when you’re trying to make the float look as cool as possible.

Bridges said, “We brought real puppies in the car with us, at the end, when we were in the actual parade. I loved them, and so did a lot of other people.”

Mrs. Casillas, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Hapbett, Mrs. Meja, and Mrs. Gonzalez all judged the floats, and ultimately chose who the winner was.

Mrs. Casillas said, “We decided that the Sophomore class float had a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and were also really creative.” Mrs. Casillas said, “One thing they could’ve worked on was adding more glitter, because we love glitter.” Mrs. Casillas said, “Some key things we were searching for was following theme, and showing enthusiasm.”

Overall, the Homecoming Parade was a success, as the Redwood Rangers were able to have fun while working together on their floats.

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