Redwood Varsity Volleyball Wipes The Floor With El D

On September 21st, Redwood Varsity Volleyball won all three games against El Diamante @ the El Diamante gym.

Kassidy Loverin, ’18, says, “El Diamante was great competition but we worked hard through all three games and played our best. There were times when the team felt mentally defeated, but we were able to pull it together and strive through the third game, beating them 25-23. We still have things to work on as a team, but by working hard, talking to each other, and having a good time on the court we were able to get the win against El D.

Brooklyn Bailey, ’19, suffered getting her knee cap dislocated in a fall from a tight set on the net.

Brooklyn Bailey, ’19, dislocated her knee cap after a fall during the game. Bailey says, “I am going to have to spend time recovering off the court so I can heal and become stronger to get back to my team on the court as soon as possible. Playing against El D was not an easy game, but we still played as hard as we could. El Diamante has a great volleyball team, so being able to win all three games helped our team build confidence and persevere through it.” Until Bailey is fully recovered, you can find her at her team’s games supporting them from the side lines.

Ranger Varsity volleyball is excited for a promising rest of the season so make sure you go and support our team at upcoming games!

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