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Redwood Cheer!

Cheer performed in both the halftime and at the Homecoming Assembly. They have been working hard this year to prepare all these performances for the school and they have done a lot for our school. It is sad to say that it will be the senior cheerleader’s last homecoming game as well as their last Homecoming Assembly.


Leslie Sanchez, ’18, said, ” I’m looking forward to giving it my all and looking good out there along with my other cheer girls by having fun doing it. We’ve been practicing since last week so two weeks prior for the actual homecoming day. We practice in the dance room and do our stunts in the quad.” She added that these performances are important to her as a senior cheerleader because she knows it’s her last year and she has so many memories, along with great experiences. “It makes me feel involved in representing Redwood. I’m preparing along with my team by practicing everyday and putting in that hard work and dedication every practice,” she adds.


Makenna Brito ,’19, said, ” We are looking forward to hitting all of our stunts hyping up the crowd and most importantly enjoying it all because that’s what it’s all about.” She says the cheer team and has started their practices and is continuing to improve their techniques; for their performances, they have been practicing in the dance room so they can if they are all on count and together as one. Brito adds, “We also practice in the quad for our stunts. Performances are important to us because we get to show what we have been practicing and accomplished but as a cheerleader we get to lead the school in showing school pride.” Overall, the team has been preparing for their  performance by putting in 110% effort and putting their skills to their full potential at each and every practice.


Justin Torres, ’20, said, ” I’m looking forward to hitting every thing by giving 100% to make everything run smoothly at my performances. We practice in the dance room everyday after school except for game days and Monday-Thursday for about two hours.” Torres says that these performances are important because he loves to see all the energy in the crowd and it’s a lot of fun.


All of the Redwood Cheerleaders are putting their best effort in time into their performances to create the best presentation possible. They are greatly appreciated for the big school spirit they each have for our school.

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