Ranger Women’s Tennis Are On The Ball

Redwood’s girls varsity tennis has had another successful season, remaining  undefeated and aiming for 172-0 by the end of the season. How have they’ve been so successful?

Since the beginning of summer, Redwood’s girls varsity tennis team has been working extremely hard for a successful season, and so far it has been paying off. This year, Ranger girls tennis has been in excellent shape and have remained undefeated all season so far, and are aiming for a total of 172-0 by the end of the season.

It all starts with the training and the hard work the girls are putting in. The head coach, Rosemarie, has been pushing the team to work on fast movement, by doing jump rope sets and ladders everyday at practice. Then, the team would does various drills, including a particularly effective drill: 100 ball rallies, which helps them focus on their mental games.

Kate Sapasap, ‘18, says, “This year I am extremely confident in team, this is our strongest season yet. We didn’t lose many varsity girls from last season, so we didn’t have to recover much from our loss. We don’t have struggles this year, but we still work hard during our practices to be the best team we can be. We’re looking forward to a great next half of the season.”

Claire Yang ‘19, says, “League-wise this year, we are really strong, and we have an incredibly strong foundation as team. Through our hard work as a team, we have been able to remain undefeated the entire first half of the season. We hope to pull through the entire season undefeated and have a successful Valley at the end of our season.”

Overall, the team believes they will have an incredibly successful year. Make sure to go out and support the Ranger girls tennis team this season!

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