Is An ASB Sticker Worth It?

Redwood has many events during the year, and some can cost a lot of money. Luckily, an ASB sticker can come to the rescue! An ASB sticker allows students to get into football games for free, as well as a discounted price on other school activities.

Kenneth O’ Leary ’18, said, “There are only benefits. You get access to every school event for free! It’s definitely worth the buy. So much money saved! I like that I get to go to dances for cheaper prices. It saves me like 15-20 dollars around dance season”.

Jenny Suarez ’18, said, “The benefit of getting the ASB sticker is that you get into all Redwood events (minus playoffs) for free! It’s definitely worth it because paying at $3 for every sporting event you go to, especially if you love to support our Redwood athletes, adds up”.

When asked what the downside of the ASB sticker, she said, “I honestly don’t think there is a downside! Unless you buy it and don’t go to any Redwood events, I think then that’d be a downside”.

I personally think the ASB sticker is worth it! I can get into football games for free! The only downside is if you lose your ID card then you have to pay for the ASB sticker with the ID again.But other than that it saves me money and it can save you money too! If you want to buy the ASB sticker you can get it now for $30 at the finance center.


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