A Queen is Crowned!

On Friday September 29th in the Mineral King Bowl, 5 fellow Rangers stood facing an excited student section, waiting to see which of the five girls’ box the red balloon will come out of, announcing who Redwood’s 2017 Homecoming Queen will be.

With the ASB President leading the countdown, all five girls open their boxes, and a winner is revealed.

Valisity Vargas, ‘18, who was nominated by ASB, watched the red balloon fly out of her box.

Vargas was both humbled and excited to see that she was Redwood’s 2017 Homecoming Queen. Vargas said, “I’m honestly just really shocked, I can’t believe this!” Vargas said, “All of those girls are just so amazing… [they all ] really deserved to be in the court.”

And all the other nominees looked just as happy as she was. After Vargas was announced as the Homecoming Queen, she was followed up with hugs from all four girls.

Marcus Olivas, ‘18, escorted Vargas. Olivas was jumping up and down with joy when he saw the balloon.  “She made so many t-shirts. I’m really proud of her. She deserves it.” Olivas also said, “Everybody is extremely proud of the work that Valisity is doing and is super happy that she is Redwoods 2017 Homecoming Queen!”

Ms. Aguilar, the activities director, is also the advisor for the organization that nominated Vargas. Aguilar said, “I think Valisity won because she is so well rounded. All of the homecoming court this year was. Valisity is a part of so many different pieces of Redwood, and that allows her to know a lot of groups of people on campus.” Ms. Aguilar also said, “She gives her best effort in ASB always, and she represents our class so well.”

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