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Do You Need Help? Go To XL!

Students at Redwood High School make their way to the library for the XL tutoring program which is held before school and after school. Many of them are seeking the help of the upperclassmen on campus, but some give their time to help others get through the school year.

Many tutors who are involved are there daily, but some have a day off during the week.

Michelle Estrada, ’19, said that the XL program helps many kids with their grades and their day to day life at Redwood. Estrada said that last year, the tutoring program helped her with her english.

“Yes, [the students] are bringing their grades up and they are getting more out of their classes,” Estrada said.

Estrada can be found in the library everyday except Thursdays.

The students who are in the program are said to have shown improvement in their classes that they needed help in.

Alex Ceja, an XL leader, tells us how the students in the program are improving.

“I get emails from the teachers, you know, thanking the tutors for helping them,” Ceja said.

Ceja, when asked what the tutors get out of the program, said that the tutors do learn more when they tutor. She then says that the tutors do get paid, since they are hired by her.

XL tutors can be found in the library along with their schedules and what they tutor in.

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