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Why Are Phones Getting Stolen?

Since the beginning of the school year, phones have been getting stolen from lockers under unusual circumstances, affecting Redwood students and teachers.

Officer Mena, the campus officer, was asked about the situation and what precautions students can take to avoid getting their phones stolen. He said, “People leave phones behind, kids steal phones, and it’s a problem in all of the schools.”

Meredith Ford, ‘21, left her locker open for one day and she went to the mirrors for two minutes before she came back and her phone was missing.

“My first instinct was that I left it in the bathroom so I went in a looked for it, and when it wasn’t there I checked with all my friends,” Ford said.

Officer Mena also figured that the biggest issue about stolen phones is in the locker room, because there are no cameras in there. “Don’t put your backpacks and belongings outside of your locker unauthorized.”

Karen Saesee, ‘21, also got her phone stolen but from within her shut locker. Saesee put her phone into her backpack and put it into her locker and closed it.

“When I opened my locker I was scared and shocked because I didn’t know where it went,” Saesee said. When asked if she has found her phone yet, she said they are still looking for it.

Jung Le, ‘21, was in her third period AVID class when she put her phone in the pencil pouch in her binder.

Le said, “I didn’t try to get my phone until lunch, so it could’ve gone missing in either third period or fourth period. I asked all of my teachers if they had my phone and they didn’t.”

Written by : Sameh Esmaeili and Lily Stetson

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