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Preparations for Homecoming Week

As homecoming week is approaching ASB is working very hard to get everything ready to make the week as fun as possible for Redwood students. Savannah Crippen, ’18, the Inter-Club Commissioner, has been dealing with the chaos of homecoming, first-hand, due to the role she plays in ASB.

Crippen said, “All of the homecoming nominations get turned into Mrs. Aguilar and as I know of right now not everyone has turned in their nominations. We had a problem with the google form but our lovely secretary Valisity Vargas fixed it so I think that they should all be in by tomorrow and I’m pretty confident about that.”

Crippen explains how most girls know what club they are going to be nominated by or they have an idea of who will nominate them. She informs the girls that they can be nominated by as many clubs they would like.

“We haven’t had to deal with multiple clubs nominating the same girl either yet.  I think it is going pretty smoothly, no one has come up to me yet and asked me any questions so we haven’t had any problems yet. It’s really cool because we have a super efficient ASB and we get the word out so it’s going really well,” Crippen said.

The theme of homecoming week always has all the students wondering what it will be. The theme of Redwood’s Homecoming 2017 this year is No Place like Homecoming (Wizard of OZ). Crippen explains the background of this theme and how it all came into play.

Crippen said,  “I knew what I wanted for the Homecoming Week theme like way back when. I wanted this theme since my freshman year. I ran for ICC prior to my junior year and I was hoping I would get it. I ran for it again my senior year, and got it, and was like yes finally. So I got in contact with Colin Watermoore and bounced my ideas off of him and he was like yes I love that I want to do that too. Everything fell into place so easily because you can do the fashion disaster dress up  day like twisters and tornadoes, and Kansas for the country day.”

Written By : Evan House and Gabrielle Bridges

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