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New Taylor Swift? What happened to the Old One?

Taylor Swift’s new song “Look what you made me do” is topping the charts in the Billboard Hot 100.The song is definitely different from Taylor’s other songs that she has created, however the song is actually pretty rad if you look deeper into the lyrics. The song is not one I would gladly put on repeat in the car to jam to, however all the meanings behind the lyrics and hidden meanings in the videos make the song pretty iconic.

The song starts out with the lyrics, “I don’t like your little games, Don’t like your tilted stage” which is most likely referring to Kanye West who performed on a tilted stage in 2016 during his Saint Pablo tour. This is significant because it may have to do with Kanye and Kim’s version of the story that had to do with one of Kanye’s controversial lines about Taylor which was “I made that b**** famous.”

The tilted stage line could also be referring to beef that Taylor had with Katy Perry because Katy Perry also performed on a tilted stage in her 2017 Grammy Performance.

The next lyrics say things like, “The role you made me play”, “I don’t like your perfect crime” and “You said the gun was mine”.

Kim posted videos of Taylor saying that it was okay if Kanye used certain lyrics about Taylor in his song, yet Swift denied it. Therefore, a hashtag #TaylorIsASnake started trending, which leads to the next hidden meaning that is actually in her lyric video for the song.

In the lyric video Ouroboros is featured. Ouroboros happens to be an Ancient Egyptian symbol of a snake eating its own tail. This symbol represents a non stopping cycle of life and death and eternity. This goes along with her lyrics in her song that she says, “Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time.”

Taylor is using the negative criticisms and names and false representations of her to her advantage in this song and both videos. She is owning the Snake name and is showing her self empowerment.

Last but not least, Taylor puts the statement, “I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.Why? Oh, she’s dead!” This line of her song goes along with the time on August 18th, 2017 when Swift wiped out all of her content on her social media accounts.And in the next few days her new album Reputation was announced and the next thing you know her social media status changed to “The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now”.The most iconic part of the video seemed to be when all of the old Taylor’s were standing in a line next to each other;all of them dressed up in her most memorable and greatest outfits from past years.

Taylor Swift is definitely making a statement with this song and her video with it! Her new album Reputation I am sure will be a main topic.Taylor is Speaking Now and showing how Fearless she really is while revealing her Reputation.

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