Is It Too Early For a Harvest Date?

This year on Saturday October 14 at 8pm, Harvest will take place at El Diamanté High School. The rising issue is that some students are choosing to already begin asking their dates to the dance, but is it too early? 

Many students believe that asking this ahead of time can lead to problems. They see it all over Twitter and Snapchat and feel the need to be in on the action by sealing the deal with their date, but that’s where all the trouble can kick off. The stress from the dance planning can consume them and begin to overwhelm many people.

Colby Castillo, ‘21, said, “You should take 2 to 3 months to first get to know your date and grow comfortable with that person. After you see they’re someone you could enjoy the dance with, ask them about 3 weeks before the dance so you both have time to plan.”

Although Castillo’s idea sounds reasonable and pretty easy, many people don’t focus on the connection with the person they plan on taking. The boys tend to ask the cute girl in one of their classes or a close friend who they’ve been planning with for months. Sometimes, the students get caught up in the idea of looking good and showing off, when instead they should just be focusing on enjoying the experience.

Alexia Lopez, ‘20, also shared her thoughts on the subject and said, “There’s no point and it’s just kind of dumb, because sometimes it doesn’t even work out with that person you planned everything with.” Lopez also said, “Freshman try to go with like random people instead of just going with a close friend.”

Another big problem with asking too early is if you’re in a relationship and ask them to the dance, what will you do if you break up before the date? What about all the plans and the hype leading up to it?
Evelyn Williamson ‘20,  tells us how the freshmen just want to be included. Williamson said, “They want to be a part of the Redwood culture and be involved in the stuff. They just can’t wait to ask people”.

I believe that asking people to Harvest too early can have its disadvantages. It can help you get to know the person better but there will always be a chance of not going with the person who asked you/who you asked. Freshmen are so eager to ask people to harvest because it is their first dance and they don’t know what to expect. But also, asking too late could mean that someone else could come and snatch your date before you get the chance to ask them.

From many sources, we’ve determined the best time to ask someone to harvest without looking too eager but also not procrastinating is the last week of September, which gives you about 3 weeks to prepare.

Story co-written by Krissy Hetherington & Annabelle Williamson

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