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End of the Year Dance Show!

Redwood has an annual dance show that showcases all the dance classes’ talents into one. This gives students a chance to show everyone what they’ve got.

“Oscars, Grammys, Tonys, and more! And the winner is…,” is set as this year’s theme.

Dance has six classes, being: Intro to Dance, Intermediate Dance, Hip Hip, International Dance, Advanced, and Dance Force. Any beginner to dancing can get into Intro with no audition, however International, Hip Hop, and Advanced require an audition with the teachers. For Dance Force, dance classes outside of school or prior experience is needed.

Every dance class has different outfits to coordinate with their award category. Four year dance force students will be doing Senior Solos.

The song choices are not set in stone just yet but we’ll all hear some of our favorite hits. Last years dance show was on famous TV shows we watch, like Pretty Little Liars and The Bachelor.

Mrs. Bardonnex and Mrs. Lapp work hard each year to come up with a different and unique theme for the annual show.

“Honestly, I was watching the Academy Awards and I thought it was cool how everyone comes out and announces and I thought we could just pick music and make them fit all the different categories,” Mrs. Bardonnex says.

Our fellow classmates are practicing really hard in order to give us a great show. We’ve all watched the various different award shows that occured this year, so the new dance show is something we should all be excited about!


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