Dress Code: Justified or Unfair?

Every year dress code becomes a problem around the school. Although girls and boys both face the strict rules of dress code, girls typically end up facing dress code the more aggressively.

Every year the style of clothes change, and trends are moving way faster than ever before. Over the years, big name fashion brands have encouraged shorter shorts and off-the-shoulder shirts for girls. They are very fashionable, yet our school still doesn’t allow a glimpse of a girl’s shoulder for a reason no one really understands.

When I asked Gazal Hussin, ‘19, what she thought about Redwood’s dress code. Hussin said, “The dress code seemed pretty reasonable but it seems to be strict in some aspects.”

Although girls get dress coded more easily than guys, guys still can get dress coded for the hats or graphics on their shirts. You will definitely see more girls getting dress coded than boys getting dress coded, just because it is easier to spot.

Hussin also told me “I guess they [are trying to] enforce the distractions, but sometimes it is pretty excessive, like how our shoulders are distracting.” I agree with Hussin on her views on dress code. Styles everyday change and everyone wants to fit in with the newest style.

Shorts and off the shoulder tops are the biggest dress coded problems around school. Off the shoulder tops are in style for girls in the summer but because our shoulders show, we get dress coded. Shopping for shorts is hard to shop for during school. The style isn’t the longer shorts anymore, but the new trend is now the shorter shorts. Girls get dress coded for shorts quite often but not as often as the tops we choose to wear to school.

Although we don’t always agree with the dress code, we do know it is strictly enforced at school everyday. Stay away from off the shoulder tops, short shirts and short shorts during the school year.


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