Lights Out

This past weekend, Visalia was hit with crazy amounts of wind, causing multiple neighborhoods to lose power.

The generator on Chinowth across from Hyde Park Preschool exploded around 6pm on Sunday, September 3rd after a tree branch fell onto it because of the strong winds. A tree along the same road was split down the middle by lightning during the storm.

For a few houses by Demaree, the burnt generator shut down the electricity in the neighborhood for almost 24 hours! Some students and their families had to suffer in hot houses and try to sleep without air conditioning.

William Hernandez, ‘21,  was one of the victims of the 24 hour power outage as referred to above. Hernandez said, “My dad knew the storm was coming so he told me to take the trampoline down and when I was doing that, I saw the generator thing blow up.” Hernandez said to beat the heat during the power outage, he went to Target and stayed at the Starbucks for 6 hours, and he just relaxed there. He also said, “Even without the AC, I still got a good night’s sleep.”

This 3 day weekend was supposed to be used for a break and to relax, but half the city had to focus more on staying cool due to no AC.

Emily Ibarra, ‘19, said her biggest problem with not having any power was that they really couldn’t go anywhere since their car was stuck in the garage. She said to beat the heat, “We laid outside on the ground and that’s where we slept too.”

For Kylea Moshier, ’20, the power was only off for about an hour. Moshier said, “I realized how much we rely on electricity, but the power wasn’t out for too long so it didn’t make too big of a difference.” Moshier said “The worst part of the power outage was no light because we’re just not used to it. Also you couldn’t use things you normally would on a daily basis because there wasn’t any electricity.”

Without any electricity for a few hours, it really makes people appreciate it more since many people around the world aren’t as fortunate with power, lights, and even wifi.

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