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Have You Seen IT?

Stephen King’s novel IT was remastered into a movie that was released on Friday, September 8, 2017 and the movie was truly terrifying. The director of the film, Andrés Muschietti, and his crew created an extraordinary film that left the audience forever scared of what can be lurking in the dark.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown, aka IT, was remastered into a more sinister look unlike the original from 1990’s which was more of a party clown. Throughout the film, Bill Skarsgård’s, who played Pennywise, acting brought Pennywise to life straight from King’s novel. He was definitely terrifying.

The actors who played the children that are being terrorized by Pennywise really embodied their characters and each of the personalities that the characters have was spot on.

Throughout the movie, there were some funny moments to break up the scary aspects of the film. Many of the funny scenes were from the kids telling adult jokes which did cause a few giggles here and there.

The music and sounds in the movie added that extra ambiance of something horrible is going to happen, or that Pennywise is going to be in the next scene.

Even though the movie was a box office success, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone enjoyed the movie. There is some debate whether or not it compares to the original 1990’S TV miniseries.

This 2017 remake leans towards the novel more than being based off the 1990’s TV miniseries.

Prya Felix, 19’, said, “ I wasn’t a fan of the movie but I’m not saying it sucked but too many people hyped it up…I’ve seen the original and no matter what, I think the original will always be better.”


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