A Freshmen’s Point of View of The First Football Game

Last Friday was the first home game for the freshman at Redwood High School, and they all had different perspectives from the eventful night.

Sophia Boudakian ‘21, said that she had so much fun and that the game was very interesting. She attended the game with a large group of friends. Boudakian said, “It was very hot, but there was a nice breeze”. Boudakian also helped the rally club decorate the Mineral King Bowl and said that it was great to be able to help the school out. 

Teresa Ochoa ‘21, said that although the game was thrilling, some people were being a bit disrespectful because they were going in front of her and blocking her view, but she understood that there were were a lot of students and not that big of a section to sit at. Ochoa also got to attend the tailgate and said, “The food was really good”. Ochoa also added that it was too hot for her and wished it was cooler.

Ethan Phelps ‘21, said that he enjoyed the drills and the fun songs being played in the student section. Phelps was a part of the marching band performance and said, “We did great for our first time and I’m excited for our next show”. Phelps said that the only part he didn’t exactly enjoy was the heat.

Kaleah Syvirathphan, ’21, said “It was very exciting and different. The school spirit was really cool to see. My legs hurt after standing for so long on the bleachers”. She also added that it was extremely hot outside and that it didn’t help that everyone in the student section was squished together, it only made the heat worse.

I personally thought that the game was so amazing and unforgettable because I got to spend time with my friends. The tailgate was an event I’ll never forget, and made my first game experience so much more memorable.  The only thing that could have been better was the heat, I wish the weather would have been a bit cooler.

All in all, pretty much all of the Rangers I had a discussion with had so fun at the football game, and can’t wait for the rest of the season!

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  1. It’s the best article I’ve ever read in my life. This writer is going to be the editor in chief for the Washington Post one day. Good job Miss Navarro

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