Meet Freshmen Class Officers!

On August 28th, Abel Ulloa and Allaure Palomar were announced as the winners of  the freshman election for Vice President and President for the 2017-2018 school year.

Abel Ulloa, ’21, is the Freshman Vice President. Ulloa said that he wanted to make the school year better and help kids feel welcome to the new campus.  Ulloa said “I feel like a lot of students were too shy to participate at school events last year, and I feel like I could change that.” Ulloa also said “I’ve learned how to do my job and what the importance is of my job. I’ve learned that you have to be kind and set an example to all students, even if they’re not in my grade.”

Allaure Palomar, ’21, the is the  Freshman President. Palomar said, “I want to make this year good for everybody and make sure everyone is involved.” Palomar does not have past leadership experience, but is determined to make this school year the best and do everything she can do for the students. Palomar also said, “[I want] to make sure everyone feels welcomed in our Ranger family and make it an unforgettable year for my class.”

Kenneth O’Leary, ‘18, is the ASB President. O’Leary got to personally welcome the two new additions to the ASB team. O’Leary said that he thinks having the class officers in the ASB class is beneficial. O’Leary said, “With Freshmen, we get to start a new legacy and create leaders around campus.”

Ms. Aguilar is the activities director this year. Ms. Aguilar said she is excited for young leaders to take on these important leadership roles and to grow themselves. Ms. Aguilar hopes that all freshmen that are currently enrolled in ASB will stick with the class for all four years. Ms. Aguilar said “I remember being in their shoes, and it’s a really good learning experience. ASB is a great growth opportunity.


Written by: Kelsey Myers, Hannah Kearnan, Annabelle Williamson, and Sameh Esmaeili.

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