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Rally Club Is Back and Better!

On Wednesday, August 30th, Rally Club had its first meeting in the ASB room to make posters for the first home football game. Rally Club is a club where people get together after school to create posters for athletic events.

Chris Hernandez is Rally Club’s President, and Aleus Millikan is the Vice President.

Chris Hernandez, ‘19, said, “I enjoy being the President of Rally Club because I like trying to make the bowl look good for 2,400 students.” Hernandez believes that Rally Club has a huge effect on the school, or for the football games at least. Hernandez said Rally Club is a little stressful, but easy, and fun. Hernandez said he likes to have the control of decorating the bowl.

Alexus Millikan, ‘19, said, “I enjoy being the Vice President because I like getting involved and like to get others involved as well.” For Millikan, being the Vice President is very stressful. Millikan said that she thinks Rally Club connects the people who aren’t in ASB because they are able to help around the school.

Mr. Miller is the Advisor of Rally Club.

Mr. Miller hopes Rally Club has a lot of fun while making posters. With it being the second year of Rally Club, Mr. Miller said, “I am worried it is going to get too big, but that is a good thing. It means that you can do more and it will make it more fun.” Miller said Hernandez and Millikan were good energetic leaders, and he is glad to have their help.

With the Rally Club making posters and decorations for school events, it does help the school out.

Rally Club meets every Wednesday in the ASB room after school from 3:30pm to 5:00pm.

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