Freshmen Boys Tackle Clovis East

On Thursday August 31, Redwood’s freshmen football team beat Clovis East with a score of 28-14 at their second home game this season. The close score throughout the entire game caused great excitement between the team and the crowd.

William Hernandez, ‘21, starting quarterback, prior to the game said, “I am very confident about this game because we practice and train very hard.”

Christian Roldan, ‘21, said, “My team prepared for this game by conditioning, working hard, and grinding hard at practice.”

Aram Babagian, ‘21, said, “My team needs to be physical and ready to execute our plays with 110% effort.”

The Ranger freshmen struggled in the first quarter after Clovis East made the first touchdown and gained a two point conversion off a Redwood fumble.

Caden Shafer, ’21, then kicked off the team’s momentum with a 60 yard run into the in zone, making the score 6-8 as the boys headed into the 2nd quarter.

In the second quarter, runs by Eric Lopez, ’21, and William Hernandez, ’21, gained Redwood a first and goal at the 9 yard line. Shafer made a run into the in zone landing another touchdown.

Roldan ended the first half with a two point conversion making the score 14-8.

In the third quarter, Clovis East fumbled the ball which Redwood was able to recover. Shafer scored another touchdown two plays later making the score 20-8. Clovis East then scored a touchdown making the score now 20-14.

In the fourth quarter, Roldan made a 15 yard run which led to Shafer scoring a touchdown from a 40 yard pass by Hernandez. The Rangers got the two point conversion and made the score 28-14 with 8 minutes left in the game.

Clovis East fumbled the ball again and was recovered by Redwood’s Julius Martinez,’21, which he ran to the 22 yard line. The Rangers didn’t get a touchdown, but the defensive line was able to hold down Clovis East the rest of the game.

Coach Orosco said, “We had solid game play. The game was very impressive because anyone with ‘Clovis’ in their name is well coached and experienced. Redwood is the team to beat this season.”


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