Bring On The Heat

As a new year has begun at Redwood, and the heat has been at an all time high. Many sports have been affected and practices have been moved to later times of the day.

John Vega, ’19, first year varsity football player, said, “This week has been pretty rough because we have had practices later than usual”. Their practices this last week have been all over the place. They had a practice from 7:30PM-10:30PM on Monday and practice 5:00AM-7:30AM on Thursday.

Maria Barillas, ’19, who is a returning varsity cross country player says, “It has been much harder to get all our workouts in during practice and get our long runs in because it gets darker earlier”. She claims that the weather has definitely messed up her schedule.

Fall sports have been very challenging because of the weather. Each team is working very hard to get practices in, but because of the Visalia Unified District rules, they cannot practice until the weather is below 100 degrees. This requires the players to have more flexible schedules along with still making time for school work.

-Tyler de Asis and Tony Kim

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