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What’s Yearbook up to?

The Log, Redwood’s yearbook, has been a major part of Ranger tradition since the beginning of the school, dating back to the early 1900’s. It has great significance to Rangers who will be able to have all the memories of 2017-2018 accessible in a book.

All of Redwood’s logs since the beginning of Redwood’s history to last year’s log.

Brianna Luna, ‘18, one of the three chief editors of the yearbook this year gave some intel about what her team is up to so far. Luna said, “[We] are focusing on the design layouts and creating  templates.” The overall theme of the yearbook is in talks right now. Luna continued to give limited details about the yearbook and assured students that, “It’s going to be a really good book this year.”

Other students in yearbook also shared similar opinions on what the class is doing at the moment.

Justin Carrasco, ‘19,  the sports editor, said he couldn’t reveal too much about plans. Carrasco said, “It’s supposed to be a surprise, but just know that we’re working really hard to make the yearbook as good as it has been since the beginning.” Carrasco also explained how being in yearbook since last year has helped him become more aware of the community of Redwood, and made him realize how big and active the school is.

Students should be excited about this year’s log because the yearbook class has been working extremely hard.

Samantha Andres, ‘19, who is a first year member of the yearbook staff, said, “Yearbook is a really cool class because we actually create a memorable book for the school year that a lot of people would look back at and reminisce.” Andres said she really enjoys yearbook so far, and that students should look forward to the log assembly for more explicit details about the yearbook itself.

Go pre-order your yearbooks now at, on campus in the Finance center, or from Mr. Feehan in room 41. Prices go up by $5 each deadline, get it before the price increases!

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