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What Are Rangers up to For Labor Day?


Mia Syvirathphan, ’18, Saniya Martin, ’18, and Mikayla Esteves, ’18, sitting in Senior Court.

Labor Day is this Monday and results in Redwood’s first 3 day weekend of the new school year. Rangers are already planning for an amazing, relaxing weekend with friends and family.

Caitlyn Harven, ‘21, said, “I’m so excited. This weekend I’m going to the water park.”

This week has been particularly hot with everyday being over 100° with very little relief from the consistent heat, so the trip to the water park is something that has been desperately needed.

Kira Navarro, ‘20, said, “It’s a three day weekend and I can’t wait to sleep.”

The majority of the school is looking forward to sleeping in and doing nothing without worrying about being late to school.

Pyra Burns, ‘19, said, “I’m so happy for the 3 day weekend. I’m going camping with my family.”

A little vacation is much appreciated after a full load of homework and extra-curriculars throughout the first month of school.

Mia Syvirathphan, ‘18, said, “I’m planning on taking more pictures with my friends for our friendship ad that’s going in the yearbook. We took some last weekend but we want to take more.”

There’s nothing better than hanging out with all your friends and enjoying a nice long weekend.

It seems like the students of Redwood all have some exciting things planned, even if those arrangements include sleeping all day. Rangers are ready for the week to be over and for the relaxing to begin!

– Leah Navarro and Kaleah Syvirathphan

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