Straight Out Of K-8

On August 10th, Redwood High School  started the very first day of school. The first few weeks  can be a little overwhelming, especially for the few incoming freshman who have been K-8 students all their academic lives.

K-8 schools have been becoming a very popular trend here in Visalia, CA; their impact has significantly reduced the amount of students in middle schools. As the new school year starts to roll in, K-8 students feel like little fishes swimming with sharks.

David Robles, ’21, said,  “Adapting to a new school was really tough, [especially with] the fear of fitting in, but the tradition of Redwood feeling like a family has made the transition smooth for me”.

Going to a K-8 school has its perks with small classes and a tight, family-like group of friends; however going to Redwood was a big wake-up call. There is a huge dynamic change between schools. Students need to learn to navigate two giant campuses with a bridge, rather than their previous one classroom that they were so familiar to.

Lily Stetson, ’21, said “Coming into a huge school was really nerve racking [since some people have] already established cliques. Now that a few weeks have gone by, I’m excited and more comfortable with the people here.”

Everything is so fast paced, but it will only benefit them for their future. In college, students will have huge campuses they will need to become familiar with, so the main and vista campuses are practice for the big leagues.

Feeling nervous is just an emotion that will come and go, but first impressions are forever. If you see any Freshmen in need of help don’t forget to give a them a helping  hand. Good luck to the class 2021 and every Ranger out there!


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