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Diversity and Popcorn!

The SEED Films Program, advised by Redwood’s librarian, Ms. Contreras, is new to the Redwood campus and already has students eager to join. In this program, students will be able to take trips to multiple different theaters around our area to watch films with diversity and women empowerment while having a formal discussion and writing a critique on the film and it’s message.

The SEED Program stands for Student Empowered by Exposure to Diversity. The idea was brought about to Pro-Youth by Lucia D. Vasquez and she was invited to be part of it.

Ms. Contreras said, “This program will help students learn about how to analyze and evaluate the selected films. The emphasis is in Latino films with a perception in how women are portrayed or marginalized in society.”

Students will expand their vocabulary including words and phrases that are commonly used in movie reviews. These movies are inspirational and motivational and students will gain accurate exposure to diversity.

“[The] awesome part about writing the critique is teachers may be able to give students credit for them instead a book review,” said Contreras. Not only can Redwood students join but so can college students and parents of the students.

Bus transportation and popcorn will be provided. Make sure to look into the SEED program and talk to Ms. Contreras in there are any further questions.

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